Thai Government Participate in White Lie Course

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Thai Government Participate in White Lie Course


Many people feel that white lies can be necessary at times. The Thai government has reached the same conclusion and is now taking a course in white lies. The aim of the course is to learn how to tell a white lie and not get caught.

The Thai Government wants to learn how to tell white lies in order to seem more convincing and to keep the public calm when a crisis accures.

It is not easy to get the top government people to talk in public about the course, but has gotten an exclusive interview with the Minister of Communication, Mr P. Inocchio.

Mr. P. Inocchio, what have you learned from taking this course?

- Well, Let me start by saying that I am extremely happy that you have found out that the government is participating in these courses, as openness is a big priority to us.

But you threatened to sanction us if we wrote about it. Is this one of your white lies?

- No no, of course not. Thrust me, I am very excited to do this interview.

So what is the aim of the course?

Well, let me be honest, says Mr. P. Inocchio and continues.

In the past years we have shown a lack of responsibility, an example is not dealing properly with the flooding last year, and we have made other mistakes as well. The only way we can explain our incompetence is by lying.

Wow, that seemed very honest. Why are you saying all this?

Oh, damn. What I meant to say was that we in the Thai Government are working day and night to make sure that Thailand will have a bright and prosper future.

But that is not what you just said before. Is this one of your white lies?

- Maybe. I am getting good aren’t I?

But isn’t it being dishonest telling the public these white lies?

Maybe it is, but telling the truth is definitely not always a good thing that’s why we are twisting it a little bit, says Mr. P. Inochio before finishing off with some good news.

Bangkok will be hosting the 2024 Olympics and no one will have to pay taxes in the next five years, says Mr. P. Inochio, almost keeping a straight face.