Street Food Stalls to be upgraded with Hand Washing Facilities

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Street Food Stalls to be upgraded with Hand Washing Facilities


Many foreigners shy away from buying food at the famous and most of the time delicious Thai street food stalls, as they can’t get along with the hygiene. Now the Thai Government is changing that, demanding running water and at least two different kinds of soap at every street food stall.

The running water at every street food stall will cost billions for the Thai government to implement, but that is not frightening the Thai Minister of Health, food, water and other things you can drink or eat, Mr. C. Lean.

- Maybe it will cost some money, but just imagine how nice it is going to be having your food served by a nice lady who just washed her hands in a nice apple-smelling soap, says Mr. C. Lean.

In the long run Mr. C. Lean is sure that the investment in running water will be a profitable one, and he even has an explanation for the two soap law.

- Well, I made a real good deal with a soap company and they agreed on delivering apple- and pineapple soap to every street food stall. I am very happy with the deal and would like to thank my brother, who is the general manager at the soap factory, says Mr. C. Lean.

Tourists should wash themselves  went to talk with some of the street food stalls owners in Bangkok, called @pabquicar and @juanmmr and they found the new law funny.

- Its stupid, says @pabquicar, the tourists are dirtier than the street dogs here. Look at that guy over there, says @juanmmr, and points to a tourist wearing a dirty Chang Beer tank top and only one flip flop.

The owner states that he buys fresh food every day and that he always carries water and soap so he can wash his hands. For him the problem is with the tourists.

- It seems like they forget to wash themselves, so I will use the running water to set up a shower. Then I will demand every tourist to take a shower if they want to have some of my chicken, says @pabquicar, while serving a Chang Beer to the tourist with the one flip flop.