Koh Samet Tourists Must Bring at Least Two Condoms

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Koh Samet Tourists Must Bring at Least Two Condoms


In the last two years the number of tourist entering the local medical clinic on Koh Samet to be checked for sexual deceases has increased by 45 percent. Now the authorities are demanding that every male tourist under the age of 40 has to bring at least two condoms.

The local medical clinic on Koh Samet can no longer attend to normal medical situations as the clinic is busy testing young people for sexual deceases. It is both young men and women, who come to the clinic, but now the local authorities are tired of the young people and their unsafe sex life.

- We are very serious about this problem. So for the next month we will be standing at the pier making sure that every foreign man under the age of 40 is bringing two condoms. If they don’t have any condoms, then they can buy them at the pier, says Mr. S. Yphilis, head of the Koh Samet Medical Clinic to www.rumbotailandia.com

More drastic measures maybe to be implemented
The aim is to get the number of people going to the medical clinic to be checked for sexual deceases to go down by at least 30 percent, and if that doesn’t happen, the authorities are ready to use more drastic measures.

- I am not against the idea of simply splitting people up at the bars at night. If we see a couple who are not married and they don’t carry any condoms, then it is simply a no go and they should be separated, says Mr. S. Yphilis, but ensures this will be the last option.

Mr. S. Yphilis is not against people having sex, but he is tired of people not being careful and the impact it has on his day.

- I am so tired of looking at penises and vaginas all day. When I come home and my wife is in that mode you know, then I can’t even be bordered, says Mr. S. Yphilis with a tired look on his face.