The Big Night Out - Bangkok ► ► Wiches, Clowns & Jungle Animals◄◄27th

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The Big Night Out - Bangkok ► ► Wiches, Clowns & Jungle Animals◄◄27th

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27th January 2012

The Big Night Out - Bangkok ► ► Wiches, Clowns & Jungle Animals◄◄
= A very random theme to do indeed, but lets see who comes dressed the most creative of all. Either a witch with a big nose, a broom and a pointy hat, or a clown with that red nose and huge shoes. Or why not combining them creating a witchclown?? Also there is a party taking place at Glow were they will be also dressed up as jungle animals, so maybe combine the 3 of them?! The limit is your imagination! = 
❐ 9.00pm to 11.00pm: 
Meeting Point: Cosmo @ RCA, just in front of LED and next to Bubble Bar. 
Let’s start the night at one very chick and little place in RCA, there is nice live music that we can enjoy at the joy of a very cold beer. 
❐ 11.00pm to 01.00am: 
There is no entrance fee here and the club is well situated in one of the most "chick" places of Bangkok's party venues. However on Fridays there is a free open bar. 
►Location: Just next to LED#1
❐ 01.00am to 04.00am ( or longer): 
::::Glow Nightclub:::: 
Entrance fee will be 300 thb with one drink.  Journey through the night SAFARI. There will be wild animals of every shape and form… trees, vines and jungle lights… Make sure YOU come prepared with your hunting gear, cross-bow, rope and safari hat. 
**When you get into soi 23, youll pass Soi cowboy ( will be the back of that soi, and will be at your left) continue straight and will be first soi to your right and then first soi to your left and you will see Glow Club.
❐ Whatever time we manage to get out of glow  to 6am: 
[email protected] Sathorn Soi 1 
It's cramped, it's dark, it smells. But It's the best damn place in the universe! It will be filled with drunken partiers hell bent on making sure the night's not over yet. This hole-in-the-wall dive bar near Sathorn and Rama IV Road is a Bangkok institution, attracting everyone from the odd local celeb to curious backpackers looking for a late-night hangout. 
Cheap beers too in here, 75THB each. : -)
►Location: 27/3 Soi Sribamphen, Rama 4 Road ( or simply say to the taxi driver Sathorn Soi 1) From the exterior it would seem its closed but it will not be. Its about 50 metres away from the 7/11 in the corner at the left hand side.
❐6am to X:
Party continues @ Swing
By this time I probably will have lost you all in the mist of the night, but here is where we going (or were ill go probably alone)  since it is about the only club in Bangkok that is open until crazy hours in the morning/afternoon. And any taxy driver will know where it is and happily take you there. 
►Location: Any taxi driver knows quite well where is it, If they happen to have forgotten just mention “sapacy” and through the restaurant, take an elevator to the third floor.
▀ I really hope to see you all this Friday night to socialize, make new friends and party like animals!!! 
►►Any questions on how to arrive, please call Luis @ 081 829 1196◄◄

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